Big 12 Football Predictions

Big 12 Football Predictions

This year I wrote football previews and predictions of every Big 12 team for Heartland College Sports except for Iowa State, which was done by Jacob Lee. I do this exercise every year just for the fun of it and, at the end of the season, I like to see how right (or wrong) I was. Since I already did separate articles on each team, I thought I’d sum it all up here. Here is how I see the Big 12 playing out this season.

TeamConference RecordOverall Record
Iowa State8-110-2
Oklahoma State7-210-2
West Virginia5-48-4
Kansas State4-57-5
Texas Tech1-84-8

If the season plays out this way, Oklahoma and Iowa State will face off in the Big 12 championship game once again. Do you agree or disagree? I think K-State fans will likely disagree with me and think they should, and will, finish higher in the conference standings. We will see!

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