Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday

Today is selection Sunday and it is expected that K-State will receive a seed between seven and ten in the NCAA Tournament. 

This year the Final Four is in San Antonio.  I’m not expecting K-State to make it there, especially with recent injuries to first team all-Big 12 players Dean Wade and Barry Brown.

I took a poll on Facebook of K-State fans asking what seed they think K-State will get in this year’s tournament.and most think a nine seed is most likely.  Even if K-State were to win a first round game, that means a second round match up with a one seed and a likely tournament exit.

The K-State basketball team was seen out and about in Manhattan last night during Fake Patty’s day.   It’s reported that Dean Wade can barely walk and is still wearing a boot on his foot and Barry Brown was wearing sunglasses but thinks he’s going to play Thursday or Friday in the first round game.  Should be interesting to see what happens.

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