Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak – 2002 Draft

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak – 2002 Draft

K-State’s draft streak continued in 2002 with six players selected.  Jon McGraw, Ben Leber, DeMarcus Faggins, Josh Scobey, Aaron Lockett, and Rock Cartwright comprised this draft class.

Safety Jon McGraw was drafted in the 2nd round, number 57 overall, by the New York Jets.  McGraw had a 10 year NFL career with the Jets, Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs.  He played in 122 games, starting 36 of them.  His stats, according to Pro Football Reference, are below:

Jon is currently co-founder of Vision Pursue in Overland Park, Kansas.  Here’s a little blurb about the company:

After retiring from a ten-year career in the NFL, I realized that pursuing my dreams had been anything but “a dream.” I played for both my childhood favorite team—the K-State Wildcats—and the KC Chiefs…but I spent most of that time working a “dream job” that was a stressful and unfulfilling means to an end. For a while, all that stress and anxiety was a good motivator, but ultimately it cost me my health, performance, and enjoyment.

Only at the very end of my time in the NFL did I shift my focus…and then, I started enjoying football again. I experienced greater fulfillment and better performance than I had in years…even though a lot of the damage had been done, a subtle change in mindset made a major impact on my performance.

Today, I’ve dedicated myself to teaching teams in business and sport how to take back control of what matters and take on a life-changing “Performance Mindset.” Using proven methods from performance science, along with an “inside-out” approach to dynamic change in the workplace and in life, our team at Vision Pursue has helped some of the top businesses and sports teams turn struggle into success.

Linebacker Ben Leber was drafted in the 3rd round, number 71 overall, by the San Diego Chargers.  He had a 10 year career with the Chargers, Minnesota Vikings and St Louis Rams.  He played in 143 games in his career, starting 113 of them.  His NFL stats are below:

Ben is currently a college football analyst on FoxSports.

Cornerback Demarcus Faggins was drafted in the 6th round, number 173 overall, by the Houston Texans.  Demarcus had an eight year NFL career, playing for the Texans and Detroit Lions.  He played in 84 games, starting 36 of them.  His NFL stats are below:

Faggins currently lives in the Houston, Texas area.

Running back Josh Scobey was drafted in the 6th round, number 185 overall, by the Arizona Cardinals.  He had a five year NFL career for the Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills, mostly as a return specialist.  Click the link to see his NFL stats.

I found an article online announcing that Scobey was hired as a scout for the Cardinals, but it’s from 2013.  Couldn’t find any other information.

Aaron Lockett was drafted in the 7th round, number 254 overall, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He spent the 2002 season on the Buccaneers’ practice squad and was released and picked up by the San Francisco 49ers where he spent the 2002 and 2003 seasons on their practice squads.  He ended up playing a few years in the CFL as a return specialist.

Aaron currently works for Phillips 66 in the Houston, Texas area.

Rock Cartwright was drafted in the 7th round, number 257 overall, by the Washington Redskins.  He had a productive 10 year NFL career with the Redskins and Oakland Raiders.  He played in 154 games, starting three of them.  He played running back and fullback and returned punts and kickoffs.  His NFL stats are below:

Rock currently works for Cartwright Energy Partners in Conroe, Texas.

That does it for the draft of 2002.  Almost everyone in this draft class had a decent NFL career.  The only exception is Aaron Lockett.

2003 is up next!

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