Rapid Fire – “Hey Look Kids, There’s Big Ben, Parliament!”

Rapid Fire – “Hey Look Kids, There’s Big Ben, Parliament!”

I am in the mood for some Rapid Fire today. Let’s GO!

-K-State quarterback Avery Johnson has the best odds of any Big 12 player to win the Heisman trophy, according to FanDuel (+2500). He has the 12th-best odds of all players. Former K-State quarterback Will Howard has the fourth-best odds of all players (+1300). With a few exceptions, the Heisman usually goes to the quarterback of the best team or one of the best teams. Can K-State be one of the best teams in the country this fall? I don’t think they are to that level quite yet. Ohio State might be, however. The Buckeyes have a weak non-con schedule, and their toughest games look to be at Oregon and at Penn State, who they beat every year. It might be worth it to put a little bit of money on Howard.

-Heartland College Sports ranked K-State as number one in their post-spring Big 12 football power rankings. I don’t necessarily disagree, especially with the addition of Dylan Edwards in the backfield. K-State and Utah are the likely favorites to meet in the Big 12 championship game in December but do not sleep on Oklahoma State.

-K-State baseball won their series against KU two games to one over the weekend. The Wildcats are in seventh place in the Big 12 with a 12-12 record. Looks like the hot start and early season ranking was a mirage. The top 10 teams in the conference standings qualify for the postseason tournament, so a bid to the Big 12 baseball tournament appears likely with a three-game series against West Virginia and BYU remaining in the regular season.

-Jerome Tang is looking more and more like Harold Hill instead of the next coming of Dan Hurley. Yes, I mean the fictional Harold Hill, the con man from the famous musical “The Music Man.” Tang came onto campus promising championships. He endeared himself to the K-State fan base, who fell in love with him and oddly will not allow criticism of him on social media sites. The mob comes to his defense all the time, over and over. I ask myself why. Does he know what he’s doing? I give him credit for catching lightning in a bottle with Markquis Nowell and Keyontae Johnson in year one, leading K-State to an Elite 8 appearance, but the program has been a trainwreck ever since. It appears that Tang is incapable of keeping a roster intact. With all the departures this offseason, Tang has three returning players and five newcomers, so far, coming in next season. He has also struck out on many transfers in the last couple of weeks. Is he going to be able to field a complete roster? One that can compete in the Big 12? It’s not looking good. Prove me wrong. Please.

-The K-State Classy Cats won the Pom national championship a few weeks ago. It was their third straight national championship. I didn’t know they had already won two in a row. K-State has a Pom dynasty on its hands.  

-Pom and crop judging national titles may be all we have to hang our hats on as K-State fans. Can football, basketball, or baseball ever get a national championship? I need at least one in my lifetime. Football may be most likely, as long as Avery Johnson stays a few years, but I am losing faith in the other sports. Although, the K-State women’s team may make a run at it next season.

-Who is joining me in Ireland for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic against Iowa State in 2025? I can’t wait for this and am so glad that K-State decided to be a participant in this game. We are gonna make this a good old-fashioned family European Vacation. Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament! And a K-State football victory in Farmaggedon!

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