Nicholls State Game Thoughts

Nicholls State Game Thoughts

K-State beat Nicholls State last night 49-14 in the first game of the Chris Klieman era.  It was a dominating performance.  K-State rushed for 361 yards and out-gained Nicholls 573 to 276 in total yards.  Here’s a summary of the game stats from ESPN:

I must admit I was not expecting such a dominating performance, even though Nicholls is an FCS program.  They are ranked in the FCS top 25, however, so they’re not exactly a pushover.  I was  pleasantly surprised at how well Kansas State played.  I was expecting a victory, but was kind of shocked at how dominating it was.  In a week where KU barely survived against FCS Indiana State, Iowa State barely survived against FCS Northern Iowa, Wyoming beat Missouri and Georgia State beat Tennessee, it was nice to have an easy victory.

I was very pumped up and excited yesterday, but today I am a bit more even keeled about what might happen the rest of the season.  It’s just one game of 12 and there is a difficult schedule coming up.  Bowling Green beat Morgan State 46-3 in their first game, but we don’t really know how good they really are.  After that is a trip to Mississippi State, who beat Louisiana-Lafayette 38-28 yesterday.  That will definitely be a tough game.

I love how K-State dominated the line of scrimmage on offense yesterday.  It reminded me of Martyball, which was the nickname of the ball control offense run by Marty Schottenheimer when he was coaching the Chiefs.  Just march down the field in short chunks and punch it into the end zone.  I’m still a bit skeptical that will work against Big 12 competition, but it was a good start.  Color me impressed.  Bring on Bowling Green!

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