K-Staters In The 2024 NFL Draft

K-Staters In The 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL draft starts on April 25th, and K-State looks to have up to four players selected. I’m not one to sit and watch the entire draft, but I like to try and watch when K-State players might be selected. Knowing when that might happen gives me a little clue about when to tune in. Based on the limited research I did, here are the four K-Staters most likely to be selected in this year’s draft.

Cooper Beebe, Offensive Guard

Beebe will likely be selected in the second round, but where exactly in the second round is anyone’s guess. I saw one mock draft that saw him going in the first round at number 30, but it seems unlikely he will be a first-round pick. I saw one projection showing Beebe going to the Chiefs, which would be neat. I didn’t see any draft projection that had Beebe dropping past the second round, but you never know what may happen.

Ben Sinnott, Tight End

Sinnott has taken a lot of visits to NFL teams recently, including the Chiefs and Panthers. Some people think he might go as early as round two, but most have him going in the third or fourth round. Sinnott will likely get drafted on day two.

KT Levinston, Offensive Lineman

I’ve seen Levinston projected in the seventh round or as an undrafted free agent. A couple of draft scouting reports said he may have to move from tackle to guard in the NFL. I haven’t seen any draft projections for Levinston higher than round seven, which is the final round.

Khalid Duke, Defensive End/Edge Rusher/Linebacker

I saw a couple of mock drafts that had Duke going in the seventh round. One analysis had him as a third or fourth-round pick, but I see that as unlikely. Most show him as an undrafted free agent.

Could K-State have four players selected in the draft? It is possible, but I’m not sure how likely it is. The remaining needs of teams in the seventh round will determine if Levinston and Duke are drafted. I think two selections are a lock, with a possibility of four. It will be fun to see which NFL team gets a surefire NFL starter for years to come in Cooper Beebe. Whoever drafts him will be very pleased.

Will you be watching the NFL draft? It’s kind of fun when you know some of your favorite K-State players will be a part of it. If K-State has four players drafted, that will be two years in a row they’ve had four selections. That’s a good sign.

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