From The Couch – Jacob Pullen Shines In The Basketball Tournament Despite An Absent Michael Beasley/Tang Nabs A Top Recruit

From The Couch – Jacob Pullen Shines In The Basketball Tournament Despite An Absent Michael Beasley/Tang Nabs A Top Recruit

The Purple and Black K-State alumni team played their first-round game in the TBT {The Basketball Tournament) on Friday night in their quest for the million dollar winner-take-all prize. Bill (Henry) Walker, Thomas Gipson, Justin Edwards, Mike McGuirl, and Jordan Henriquez all represent K-State on this year’s team, but the star of the show last night was Jacob Pullen. He scored 30 points, including the game winning three pointer from at least 27 feet away to win it for the Purple and Black. It was a fun game to watch, as it was a competitive game the entire way and even got a bit chippy down the stretch.

Despite the win, everyone was wondering about a notable absence on the team. For two weeks, Purple and Black promoted that Michael Beasley was playing on the team this year, but he was not present in Wichita last night. Pullen teased after the game that he may be there for the game today, but it appears that Beasley is playing in the Big3 tournament in Dallas. According to the Big3 website, Beasley’s team, 3’s Company, is the third game tonight with the first game tipping off at 6:00. I think it’s a stretch to think he can play in both games tonight, even if the Catbackers send a private jet for him like Pullen teased last night. Could Beasley play Monday night should the Purple and Black win tonight? Possibly, but they have to win first before we can have that discussion.

In other basketball news, Jerome Tang got a big-time recruit for the 2023 class. He’s getting some talented players, which is impressive considering he hasn’t coached a game yet.

Let’s dig in…

JM: All of the TBT games are decided with the “Elam ending.” At the first dead ball after the 4:00 mark remaining in the game, the clock is shut off and eight points are added to the score of the team that is leading. That becomes the target score and the first team to reach that mark wins the game. In the game last night, Purple and Black was down 73-72 with the ball, meaning a three-point make won the game. Pullen delivered. After the game, Pullen spoke to the press and talked a little bit about the passion of K-State fans…

JM: Here’s another video shot of the game-winning shot. I liked that it illustrated that Wichita State fans were just as excited about this finish as K-State fans were.

JM: Here’s another angle, because I just can’t get enough of this. Check out that crowd reaction!

JM: Henry Walker chimed in on Twitter after the game and was also interviewed by the media…

JM: Should we talk about the last time I saw Walker on television with a towel? Nah.

JM: Even Frank Martin chimed in on this one. He still loves these guys.

JM: Ames is a point guard from Kenwood Academy in Chicago and was being recruited by Brad Underwood to come to Illinois. This is a huge recruiting victory for Jerome Tang and his staff. Ames is the 6th best basketball recruit for Kansas State since 247Sports began ranking recruits. According to their composite rankings, Ames is the 51st best player in the country, the 8th best point guard, and the best player in the state of Illinois. Check out his scouting report on 247Sports…

“A quick and aggressive bucket getter, Ames is a small guard who thinks scoring first. He scores in bunches from all ranges, is good with the ball in his hands, and excels at weaving through a defense to create a solid scoring opportunity for himself. He is a threat with his jumper off both the catch and the dribble. He has the ability to heat up and make shots from distance. Additionally, his tight handle is in full use when breaking down defenders and getting inside the paint where he is a crafty finisher. As a scorer, Ames can do his damage on or off the ball but he also is a willing passer who knows how to make the right basketball decision when the play is there.He is an energizer bunny on the defensive end where he competes with a chip on his shoulder. He pressures the ball for stops and initiates fast-break points by forcing turnovers.”

Wow! Can’t wait to watch him in purple!

The Purple and Black play again tonight against “Bleed Green” at 5:00 on ESPN3. You have to get the ESPN app to stream it. It’s not on ESPN Plus. Some people were confused by that, including myself.

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