From The Couch – K-State Coaches Discuss The Quarterback Situation

From The Couch – K-State Coaches Discuss The Quarterback Situation

Chris Klieman and offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham spoke with the media this week and many of the questions they fielded had to do with the quarterback position. It sounds like Skylar Thompson is week-to-week and Will Howard and Jaren Lewis aren’t as far apart as we thought. Here’s what they said…

He is going to be out this week, then we’ll reevaluate it based on how he’s feeling as well as based on what the docs say. “…Chris Klieman on Skylar Thompson, September 14, 2021

JM: Could Skylar Thompson be ready for the Big 12 opener at Oklahoma State? It sounds like it is a possibility.

We’re very confident in him, and if something happens or there’s a situation that dictates that he could play, then we’re going to have no problem using him because we’ve seen his growth over the last two years, and watched what he did in the spring, in the fall. He’s playing with a lot of confidence, and I’m excited about what he can do.” …Chris Klieman on Jaren Lewis, September 14, 2021

JM: Jaren Lewis is the third-string quarterback for now and it sounds like the coaching staff likes what they see.

“No, he didn’t play tremendously well on Saturday for what our standards are for Will and what Will’s standards are.” …Chris Klieman on Will Howard, September 14, 2021

JM: Klieman went on to say that a week of practice working with the ones will be just what Howard needs. Let’s hope so.

“Jake’s doing a nice job. He had sustained a little bit of soft tissue injury before Stanford, so he’s been down for a little while. He’s finally coming back to practice full time with us on a scout-team standpoint. Really pleased with what I’ve seen throughout fall camp of a young man that has a chance to be a really good player here. He’s probably not ready to play just because he lost a number of snaps at the end of fall camp, but I’m pleased with his progress right now.” …Chris Klieman on Jake Rubley, September 14, 2021

JM: A lot of K-State fans thought incoming freshman phenom Jake Rubley would be the backup quarterback or at the very least the third-string quarterback this season. The soft tissue injury reveal helps explain why he is not.

“All things considered, I thought he (Will Howard) did a good job. “…Courtney Messingham, September 16, 2021

JM: Messingham said Howard did a “good job,” while Klieman said that “he didn’t play tremendously well.” Were they watching the same game?

“Jaren did a nice job this week and has continually been getting better. I don’t think there is a huge gap, but I think Will is definitely the guy that is our starter. I don’t think we have a quarterback controversy at this point by any means.” …Courtney Messingham, September 16, 2021

JM: I’m glad Jaren Lewis has caught the eye of the coaching staff. I hope nothing happens to Will Howard, but if we need the third-string quarterback to come in the game, it’s nice to know there is not a huge gap between Lewis and Howard.

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