From The Couch – Collin Klein Talks Quarterbacks/Fall Gameday Returning To Normal For Fans

From The Couch – Collin Klein Talks Quarterbacks/Fall Gameday Returning To Normal For Fans


Spring football is in full swing and the coaching staff held a press conference on Thursday.  This post will concentrate on the quarterback position and the comments of quarterbacks coach Collin Klein….

“He’s (Skylar Thompson’s) done a great job, attacking his rehab and taking it one step at a time but getting after it. Throwing wise, he’s spinning it really good right now in most things. We’re still trying to protect him a little bit just so he doesn’t get knocked around or take a weird fall or something like that. But he’s doing tremendous and ahead of schedule.”…Collin Klein, Quarterbacks coach, March 25th

JM:  It’s good news that Skylar is ahead of schedule in his rehab.

“I think the last three practices (Jake Rubley)’s made great strides. There’s a lot in our offense that is on his plate and he has to handle. Obviously, it’s a tempo that is going fast and pieces moving fast around him. So, he’s drinking from a fire hydrant, but that’s as part of it. You just have to dive in and get after it. He’s doing a heck of a job, and I think it’s slowing down for him, but you know we got a ways to go.”…Collin Klein, Quarterbacks coach, March 25th

JM:  I’ve been more skeptical than most K-State fans that we’re going to see much of Jake Rubley on the field this fall.  Klein’s “we got a ways to go” seems to reinforce that thought.

“I think physically, first of all – a training cycle and in his effort in the weight room and strength and conditioning. He’s moving around well. He’s leaned up and gained muscle mass and strength. That shows up throwing the ball, it shows up in him running the football.”…Collin Klein, Quarterbacks coach, March 25th

JM:  These were comments about Will Howard, whom Klein spoke glowingly of in the press conference.  I have a strong feeling that Howard is going to be the backup quarterback going into the 2021 season.

“Malik (Knowles) and Philip (Brooks) are doing a great job. Even their command and leadership in that room have been great on top of their playmaking ability. Keenan Garber is shown glimpses of doing some really good things and has improved, as well as Jaelon Travis. So, it’s a good group. There are a couple young guys, but Malik and Philip, their leadership and playmaking abilities has been very good.”…Collin Klein, Quarterbacks coach, March 25th

JM:  Klein’s evaluation of the receivers is pretty much what you would expect.  The receivers will have to step up their games if the Wildcats will find success offensively this fall.

K-State’s final spring practice will be open to the public next Saturday at 11:00 AM. There’s one very important tidbit in the press release announcing it…

“Kansas State anticipates a return to a more normal football season this fall. K-State looks forward to welcoming back its full fanbase in 2021 and reintroducing several gameday traditions and policies, including tailgating beginning five hours prior to kickoff and standard exiting and re-entry to the stadium.”…, March 19th, 2021

JM:  To this, I just have to say…


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