From The Couch – 03/02/20 – KU/K-State Reaction

From The Couch – 03/02/20 – KU/K-State Reaction

I listened to Soren Petro’s show on Sports Radio 810 today and thought he had some interesting things to say regarding K-State basketball and Brad Underwood getting a large contract extension at Illinois.

“They (K-State) suck.  They cannot score.  It’s painful to watch.  It’s not basketball. I don’t know what it is.”…Soren Petro, The Program, 3/2/20

JM:  I’m glad someone else said what I’ve been saying this entire basketball season.

“Illinois is not an easy place to win.  Ask Bruce Weber.”…Soren Petro, The Program, 3/2/20

JM:  Soren was giving Brad Underwood kudos with this quote.  Maybe it SHOULD be an easy place to win, but for whatever reason that does not seem to be the case.

“If you’re not going back to K-State from Illinois, where do you go?  Kansas?”…Soren Petro, The Program, 3/2/20

JM:  Oh boy.  This one got my skin to crawl.  Can you imagine Brad being a candidate at KU if and when Bill Self is done there?  I might lose my mind.

“They wanted to be done with Frank Martin.  That’s your John Currie there.  He’s the one that ran out Frank Martin and wanted no part of anyone that had anything to do with Frank Martin.”

JM:  Soren was blaming John Currie for the fact that Brad Underwood is not currently the head coach at K-State.  I believe Brad would love to coach at K-State, but Currie wouldn’t have it.

“Bruce Weber to Wake Forest?”..Soren Petro, The Program, 3/2/20

JM:  This was in reference to Danny Manning struggling at Wake Forest and John Currie being the athletic director there.  It would be interesting to see if Currie would give Bruce Weber a call should that job open up.

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