Bet On K-State?

Bet On K-State?

I am heading to Las Vegas next week to celebrate my 50th birthday with friends and family. We always have a great time in Vegas. In the past, I would always hit up a sportsbook to place some bets on my favorite sports teams. Now that sports betting is legal in Kansas, There is no longer a need to wait to go to Vegas to wager a few dollars. You can do it from your couch on your cell phone! My how times have changed.

I used to bet on whatever K-State team was playing when I visited Las Vegas. K-State football was always “on the board” with odds to win the national championship when Bill Snyder was coaching. That was always worth taking a flyer on because, with Coach Snyder, you never knew when he would have a top contender. Granted, I lost some money on that bet over the years, but it was still a fun thing to do.

While pondering the changes in the sports betting landscape, I wondered what bets are available for K-State football right now. I pulled up DraftKings to see what they have available. It turns out there are quite a few bets on the board. Here they are:

K-state over 8.5 regular season wins +105

Bet a dollar, win $1.05 ($2.05 payout)

I was surprised that the initial over/under for wins for K-State football this fall is 8.5. I have not seen the number that high for K-State in quite some time. The skeptic in me says that they will not get to that number. I have not done a deep dive into the schedule, but I think something close to an 8-4 record for the Wildcats this fall is likely. K-State lost a lot of key players, and there are a lot of unknowns at this point. As it sits right now, betting the under is a lower risk….

K-State under 8.5 regular season wins -125

Bet a dollar, and win 80 cents. ($1.80 payout)

If you bet the under, you can win 80 cents for a dollar bet, whereas if you bet the over, you can win $1.05 on your dollar. It seems the betting sites think the under is more likely.

K-State minus 4.5 against TCU on October 21st

Yep, you can already place a wager on games this fall. I would probably never place this bet this early because I need to see a few games before wagering. Also, you never know about injuries. This game is at home, but the 4.5-point spread is surprising. I figured it would be close to a pick’em.

K-state plus 9.5 against Texas on November 4th

This game is in Austin, but 9.5 is still a lot of points. I know it is Texas, and they are always overrated, so who knows about this one?

K-state minus 5 against KU on November 18

Of the three regular-season games currently on the board, this one is the most appealing to place a wager on. Chris Klieman has never lost to KU by less than 20 points.

Heisman winner – Will Howard +10000

Bet a dollar, win $100. With the way Will Howard came on last season, I think this would be a fun wager, although it seems that the Heisman always goes to the best quarterback on the best team, and K-State is unlikely to have the best team in college football this fall.

To win the college football playoff +10000

Bet a dollar, win $100. These are the same odds as Will Howard winning the Heisman. This one happening is pretty unlikely, and I think by putting a buck on this, you might as well flush it down the toilet!

That is all the K-State football bets currently on the board. What about the K-Staters drafted into the NFL? I checked to see if there are any wagers available, and it just so happens that there are…

Deuce Vaughn offensive rookie of the year +7500

Bet a dollar, win $75. ($76 Payout) I think Deuce Vaughn winning offensive rookie of the year is very unlikely because I do not know if Vaughn will even make the Cowboys’ active roster this fall.

Felix Anudike-Uzomah Defensive Rookie of the Year +2000

Bet a dollar, win $20. ($21 Payout) This one would be worth putting a wager on. Felix might do some special things for the Chiefs in his rookie year.

Now for the fun part. While DraftKings does not offer a parlay for both the Deuce and Felix bets, Fanduel does. Check this one out…

On Fanduel, a parlay for Vaughn getting the offensive rookie of the year and Anudike-Uzomah getting the defensive rookie of the year is +153800. If you bet 10 dollars, you win $15,380. Wow! That might be worth taking a flyer on!

Wish me luck in Vegas. Turning 50 doesn’t mean I’m “old,” does it?

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