Malik Knowles’ Kickoff Return Touchdown On Saturday

Malik Knowles’ Kickoff Return Touchdown On Saturday

I was having computer problems most of the day yesterday and, as a result, I didn’t get my post-game column posted until last night. While trying to get it out as soon as I could I got in a rush and failed to mention Malik Knowles’ 99-yard kickoff return in the first quarter of the game on Saturday that put the Wildcats ahead 10-7 in the game. It was Knowles’ second kickoff return touchdown as a Wildcat, which moved him into 5th place on the K-State all-time list.

The graphic above was shown during the game and it is very impressive. K-State has had the most punt and kickoff return touchdowns in the country since 2005. By a lot. Twenty-two touchdowns more than second-place Alabama.

It was also K-State’s 123rd non-offensive touchdown since 1999, which ranks number one in the country in that time frame.

Malik Knowles’ return was impressive and he had a great stiff-arm during the run that allowed him to break free and score. You can watch the video below:

My apologies for not including this in my write-up, but it probably deserves its own post anyway.

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