From The Couch – K-State Seniors Have A Big Day In A Senior Day Loss To Oklahoma

From The Couch – K-State Seniors Have A Big Day In A Senior Day Loss To Oklahoma

K-State lost their final regular-season game yesterday to the Oklahoma Sooners, 78-71. They have finished the season 14-16 overall and 6-12 in the Big 12 Conference. The past three seasons, they have finished 10th, 9th, and 9th again this year.

Mark Smith and Mike McGuirl had good games on their senior day. Smith had 22 points and nine rebounds and McGuirl had 21 points. I’m happy they both had good games, but sadly it had to end with a loss.

Bruce Weber was asked about his job status after the game and said the following….

“I don’t know. I have no idea. I’m just worried about West Virginia.”…Bruce Weber, 3/6/22

JM: Not much confidence in this answer. I think Weber knows the handwriting is on the wall.

“The stats in the league, we’re one of the worst if not the worst in almost every category. I’m not sure where it slipped, it just has, and tonight was our defense that bad or was it (Umoja) Gibson stepping up and making the shots and making the plays. It just never seemed like we could get control of the game. It didn’t go right for us, and it’s just hard to explain.”…Bruce Weber, 3/6/22

JM: These last three seasons have all been hard to explain. I don’t think Weber has adjusted to the changes occurring in college basketball. At all.

“Somebody said we were the unluckiest team in the country, some national media guy, and it has been like that all year.”…Bruce Weber, 3/6/22

JM: Was K-State unlucky the previous two years, too? Better start serving Lucky Charms as the pregame meal.

“It’s obvious what we need to adjust, but we know we could beat any team in the conference. We know that. Now it’s about if we do that, and think it’s going to take a lot of focus leading up to Kansas City in the next few days. We’ve got to cut out distractions. I know we could beat anybody.”…Mike McGuirl, 3/6/22

JM: Sigh.

JM: Bruce Weber still has his supporters out there. I haven’t really seen much hate and vitriol. Mostly apathy.

JM: Has anyone ever said that Bruce Weber is not a good man? I have never heard that, but people like to yell that from the mountaintops.

JM: This is a solid take, but I really just like the term “anti-Bruceite.”

JM: It’s long past time to move on. Sometimes coaches just don’t have it anymore. This program requires a massive rebuild job and it’s gonna take a new coach to do it.

JM: I agree.

JM: It’s time to restore some pride to K-State basketball. I wrote a column this week about three possible candidates to look at as the next head coach. All three have past issues and controversy, but this program needs a shot in the arm and any one of these three could provide it.

JM: Very true.

K-State plays West Virginia in the only game of the opening round of the Big 12 tournament on Wednesday night. If Markquis Nowell is still out with an injury, I don’t like K-State’s chances. I’m sure tickets will be dirt cheap, so I’ll most likely be there sporting my K-State gear like we’re the number one seed. Maybe they’ll surprise us with a win. After this tournament, it could be an interesting couple of weeks with a coaching search on the horizon.

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