From The Couch – Recent K-State News

From The Couch – Recent K-State News

Let’s look at some recent happenings in K-State Sports.

“This Coronavirus situation has given me some time to meditate on my situation and I have decided to retire as head coach of Kansas State.”…Bruce Weber, K-State head basketball coach

JM:  This is big news coming from the basketball program.  Let the coaching search begin!

“We are conducting a nationwide search to find our next basketball coach.  We will leave no stone unturned.”…Gene Taylor, K-State Athletic Director

JM:  Big words there by Gene Taylor.  This is a job=defining hire for him.

“Rumors are Kansas State has made a contract offer to John Calipari in excess of 22 million dollars a year.  He is set to accept the offer to become the next coach at K-State.”…Andy Katz, ESPN

JM:  Final Four, here we come!

“Chris Klieman has put together a recruiting class that Nick Saban would drool over.  The 2021 class includes the number one quarterback, the number one running back, the number one receiver, the number one left tackle, and five star players at every position on the defensive side of the ball.  This is not only the highest rated class in K-State history, but the highest rated class in the history of college football.”…

JM:  Can K-State compete for the national championship and soon?  Stay tuned!

“I have spoken to the board of regents about the possibility of renaming the football stadium ‘Chris Klieman Stadium.’  The plan is to place a statue of Chris on the east side of the stadium.”…Gene Taylor, K-State athletic director.

JM:   Wow, quite a big decision!  We’ll see if this actually happens.

“We have decided to allow marijuana sales at all sporting events.  We’ve got to keep up with the times and one of the ways to do this is to compete with the Pac 12 by welcoming marijuana to our fan experience.”…Gene Taylor, K-State athletic director

JM:  This will make for an interesting game day experience!  No comment yet from Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.

Hope you enjoyed my April Fools’ Day column.  The only reason I did this was to see who reads this thing.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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