From The Couch – Byron Pringle Makes News With A Big Catch Against The Bills

From The Couch – Byron Pringle Makes News With A Big Catch Against The Bills


Byron Pringle made a big catch in the Chiefs game against the Bills yesterday and the comments of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid after the game also made some headlines that ended up being positive for Kansas State.  Let’s take a look…

“The biggest gainer of the Chiefs’ 26-17 win over the Bills in Buffalo came on Patrick Mahomes’ 37-yard pass to receiver Byron Pringle.

You could argue it was the most important play as well. The Bills had just cut the Chiefs’ lead to six points, and Kansas City faced a third-and-12 play with 4 minutes, 24 seconds remaining in the game.

That’s when Mahomes connected with Pringle, the former Kansas State player:”…Pete Grathoff, KC Star, 10/19/20

JM:  Pringle ran wide open across the middle on this pass play and made the catch to help seal the game for the Chiefs.  This led reporters to ask both Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid about the play during the post game press conferences.

“I’ve always thought highly of Pringle. He comes in every single day, he works extremely hard, and when his number gets called he makes plays.”…Patrick Mahomes, 10/19/20

JM:  That’s high praise from the NFL MVP and future hall of famer.

Pringle finished the game with two receptions for 46 yards. His night was highlighted by a 37 yard reception late in the fourth quarter on a Chiefs 3rd and 12 that helped cement the game.”…Andrew Lind, KSNT, 10/19/20

JM:  Pringle got a lot of buzz considering he only had two catches on the night.  He got on the field more than usual in part because Sammy Watkins was out yesterday with an injury.  Pringle played in 38 percent of the offensive snaps for the Chiefs yesterday according to RotoWire.

“Great for him and great for Kansas State’s recruiting.”…Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, 10/19/20

JM:  Andy Reid’s comment about the catch being good for K-State recruiting created some buzz on Twitter.  It was retweeted by both recruiting coordinator Taylor Braet and head coach Chris Klieman.

“Hey, thanks Coach Reid.  I didn’t see the game.  We were out at practice.  Obviously Taylor Braet was all over it. I saw it early in the evening.  Thanks Coach Reid and great job by Byron Pringle.  We’ll take that help any time we can get it.”…Chris Klieman, 10/20/20

JM:  Buzz like this is always good for the football program and it looks like everyone involved understands that.  It’s kind of neat how this escalated from a big first down play in the game, to post game comments from Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, to Twitter and then to Chris Klieman.  Information sure moves fast nowadays.

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