From The Couch – A Win’s A Win For K-State Basketball/I Receive Mean Tweets

From The Couch – A Win’s A Win For K-State Basketball/I Receive Mean Tweets

K-State beat a horrid Iowa State team 61 to 56 on Saturday.  A win’s a win and it’s much better than being on the losing side of things.  The Wildcats proved they are not the worst team in the league, beating the 0-18 Cyclones for the second time this season and earning the number nine seed going into the Big 12 tournament. Senior Mike McGuirl had another great game, scoring 17 points.  Sophomore forward Antonio Gordon did not play.  Bruce Weber announced after the game that Gordon will miss the rest of the season for “health reasons,” while declining to elaborate further.  In other news, Weber said that Kansas State University President Richard Myers spoke to the team after the game and told them how much they are improving and congratulated them on how much better they have gotten since the beginning of the season. Myers and Gene Taylor absolutely love Bruce Weber and, in my opinion, he will remain as head basketball coach indefinitely. They beat an 0-17 team by five points tonight. Congrats, I guess.
I’ve had some pretty popular blog posts recently highlighting Bruce Weber “mean tweets.”  He’s not the only one that gets them.  I received some recently and as I read them aloud to some friends we’ve had some great laughs. Rather than doing my typical post-game wrap-up, I thought I would share these “mean tweets” with you all.  Hope you enjoy it.  So without further ado, here is the first-ever edition of “Joe gets mean tweets.”
First I’ll share my original tweet that prompted these replies.

JM:  The Les Miles story has blown up in the last few days.  K-State fans are all over it, tweeting every story they find about it while offering their commentary on the situation.  Yet when the Adidas/KU basketball investigation stories came out, they have received little to no traction among the masses.  My tweet was simply an observation about the difference in the reaction to the stories.  I find that most people agree with me, but there are a few dissenters.  I went o bed on Friday night only to wake up to a bunch of notifications from a “justin” on Twitter who REALLY doesn’t like my take….


JM:  “Lol?”  If you start a sentence with “lol,” I’m skeptical right away.  Then you follow it up with “your,” when it should be “you’re.”  Then you call me a “lying bitch?”  Not off to a great start here.  Then “name one time KU has been found guilty in this?”  Out of amusement, I Googled “history of KU basketball cheating” and the first result is a very long and comprehensive list of shady events occurring in Lawrence just in the last fifteen years or so:  If anyone wanted to, they could go back to the days of Wilt Chamberlain and start there moving forward to record the history of cheating and scandal within the Kansas basketball program. But “justin” doesn’t see it.  Instead he mentions Michael Beasley, but instead of offering evidence, says that K-State “110 percent paid him.”  Alrighty then.  Also, I am a nerd and I just suck.  But he wasn’t done….

JM:  The K-State basketball program may be “dog shit.” I’ll give you that, but I wasn’t crying.  Until I read these tweets.  Then it was just tears from laughter.

JM:  If you want to talk smack, you might want to figure out how to spell “Weber” correctly.  K-State is not just “dog shit,” it’s “dogshit ass.”  Is there supposed to be a space in there or not?  Who cares?

JM:  Ell Roberson never raped anyone that I know of and K-State has never played in the Rose Bowl. Is there some random Rose Bowl game where this happened that I am not aware of?  That’s sarcasm, for those that don’t speak it.

JM: Justin likes calling me a nerd.  He also likes to call Ell Roberson a rapist.  I’m assuming the “1992” in his username might be his date of birth, making him around 29 years old.  Yet he acts like a third-grader.  I’m so confused.

Hope you enjoyed this version of “Joe gets mean tweets.”  I think mine might rival Bruce Weber’s on the meanness meter.

Up next for K-State basketball is a game against TCU Wednesday night at 5:30 in the first round of the Big 12 tournament.  TCU has lost 10 of their last 13 games, including a 62-54 loss to K-State on February 20th.  K-State has won three of their last four games and can make it four of five with a victory on Wednesday.  March Madness is here.  I sure missed it last year.  It’s going to be an exciting month of basketball!

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